Single Card Discussion (SCD) – Pyrewild Shaman

Pyrewild Shaman

Single Card Discussion (SCD) – Pyrewild Shaman

Pyrewild Shaman is one of the new Dragon’s Maze cards that has piqued my interest and is one that I’ve been testing for possible inclusion in Mono Red.  He was one of the few red cards on the spoiler to catch my eye as a possible Standard-Playable, and I’d like to go over what I think are the pros and cons of running him.


  • His Bloodrush ability has the potential to cause blowouts in aggro vs aggro combat or situations where you need to kill a flashed in Restoration Angel.
  • His Buyback ability is potentially valuable against control decks like UWR and Esper, especially if you can afford to do it the same turn you Bloodrush him.
  • He’s reminiscent of the days where Red had Hammer of Bogardan, and in this case I think the Bloodrush is a lot more favorable than the 3 Damage.
  • Mono Red doesn’t have a lot against the control decks aside from speed, so this guy could potentially add just enough value to increase percentage points in matches.


  • He’s three mana, and this deck already has Pyreheart Wolf and Boros Reckoner at the 3cc slot, both of which are better cards most of the time.  His Bloodrush ability does change his CC slightly when being considered but at the end of the day he’s a 3/1 for three mana.
  • His Buyback ability only triggers when you deal combat damage to your opponent, meaning you should already be hitting them for damage.  I could see a lot of post Supreme Verdict or removal heavy board states where you simply have him sitting in your graveyard not helping you win the game.  He’s no Chandra’s Phoenix.
  • Lastly, is there room for him in Mono Red?  It’s really a tough call as at least in the case of my list I don’t have a lot of space to play with.  He could potentially replace Thundermaw Hellkite as getting to that five drop is really inconsistent, or he could replace Skullcrack in the board which has not been a card that typically helps me in a lot of matchups.  I could also miser him for x1 Boros Reckoner in the board, another card I’ve been shuffling on whether I should play or not.


– Red Deck Winning

2 thoughts on “Single Card Discussion (SCD) – Pyrewild Shaman

  1. I think there is just too much out there right now and I don’t see myself leaving mana open to bring him back often enough but his i initial bloodrush is nice.

    With Core 14 bringing back Chandra’s Phoenix, how do you see that fitting into the current list before the October rotation? Do we take out a two drop and slow things down or does it fit into a 3 drop?

  2. I think I’m going to write about that for my next article. M14 is right around the corner and Chandra’s Phoenix was a cornerstone of RDW prior to the last rotation. It’s tough with all the competition at the three cc slot, but he’s definitely somewhere in the 75.

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