Turn My Swag On


Turn My Swag On

Some of my favorite accessories to have on me when playing the Red Deck.

Solid Color Playmat (Red)

Las Vegas Casino Dice (Red)

KMC Mat Card Sleeves (Red)

KMC Perfect Fit Sleeves (Clear)

Ultra Pro Magic the Gathering:  MTG Mana Magnetic Flip Box (Red)

Mossimo Supply Co. Men’s Short Sleeve Tee Shirt (Red)

Asics Gel Neo Running Shoes (Black/Red)

Red Mana Tee from MTG Merch (Gray/Red)

Michael Jordan Silicone Wristband (Red)

Gotta be stylin bro’

– Red Deck Winning

2 thoughts on “Turn My Swag On

  1. Also with all of the junk rites and reanimator decks out there. What about grafdigger’s cage. I know you had concerns with tormod’s crypt being a concern if it draws too late but a rites deck is in trouble without a graveyard or the ability to flash back cards from it. Just curious on your thoughts on this as a sideboard option. Thanks again.

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