Taking 9th Place at the StarCityGames Edison Open: Feature Article by Ben Schoenbrun


I recently had the pleasure of playing some test games against Ben Schoenbrun, the 9th place finisher at the SCG Edison open from this past weekend.  He wrote a report but had not had it published yet and I thought that this site fit the bill quite well.  He played Mono Red Aggro, and would like to tell you all about how to light a good fire.

Taking 9th Place at the StarCityGames Edison Open by Ben Schoenbrun


Hello All!  My name is Ben Schoenbrun and I got my background in strategy games by playing competitive Scrabble, and am regularly ranked within the top 100 Scrabble players in North America. I started playing Magic seriously during college in 2012, partially for social reasons and partially to solidify strategic elements that would help me with Scrabble.  I have since been trying to balance competitive Scrabble and Magic, as well as graduate school and hunt for jobs. I gained a reputation as a red mage after I drafted red-white heroic one too many times.

Since my first StarCityGames Open went so well, I thought it might be fun to write a tournament report.

In the weeks coming up to the tournament, I knew that I wanted to play a red aggro deck. I felt it would be a very safe choice, it fits my playstyle, and it would not be terribly difficult to build or to find the cards for quickly after rotation. I also suck at building manabases so 20 mountains seemed like something that I couldn’t screw up. I did most of my testing on Cockatrice, with a bit of testing at my local game store Clarkson’s Corner just to make sure my deck measured up when testing against people I know the general skill level of. I started with the mono red list found in this article:


That deck did not win very many games. It kept getting stonewalled by Caryatid/Courser, and as I feared, War-Name Aspirant was incredibly awkward with Foundry Street Denizen. I knew that I would have to take the deck in a different direction if I wanted to stand a chance against Courser decks. I decided that a Sligh approach would work a lot better. After all, why play 8 one-drops when you could be playing 27? 😀 I found that this approach helped me get past Courser/Caryatid better while also having a lot of game against other aggro decks. I also made it a point to make sure I understood how to play post sideboard games and properly play around Drown in Sorrow and Anger of the Gods. I decided early on that I wouldn’t play around these cards game 1 unless it is incredibly obvious that they have them, and if they blow me out, so be it.

Here is the list that I eventually settled on:

Mono Red Aggro
Ben Schoenbrun
9th Place at StarCityGames.com Standard Open on 9/27/2014

4 Akroan Crusader
4 Firedrinker Satyr
4 Foundry Street Denizen
4 Goblin Rabblemaster
4 Monastery Swiftspear
2 Mogis’s Warhound

4 Dragon Mantle
3 Hammerhand
2 Searing Blood
4 Stoke the Flames
4 Titan’s Strength
1 Hall of Triumph

20 Mountain

4 Eidolon of the Great Revel
2 Coordinated Assault
2 Magma Spray
2 Searing Blood
1 Hall of Triumph
2 Hammer of Purphoros
2 Arc Lightning

I decided on Searing Bloods over Lightning Strikes because they are better against the aggressive decks while not being that much worse against the Courser decks. Moving forward, I would play 3-4 Lightning Strikes maindeck since it appears that Mantis Rider is in fact a thing, and my deck felt a bit light on reach. Otherwise, I was pretty happy with most of my card choices and felt that I predicted the meta fairly well. Anyways, on to the matches!

Round 1: Mark Webb with RW Aggro:

I lost the die roll. Game 1 His 3 lands were Mana Confluence and 2 Battlefield Forges, and that ended up making the difference. Game 2 I took a mulligan, got stuck on 2 lands, and he played a well-timed Rabblemaster when I ran out of burn. Game 3 I was on the play, and I was the one able to land an unopposed Rabblemaster.


Round 2: Taylor Rowe with Naya Monsters:

I lost the die roll. I don’t remember too many of the details in this game, but I know I won games 1 and 3, and game 2 he was able to monstrous Polukranos in time to stabilize the board.


Round 3: Daniel Antony with Mono Green Devotion:

Daniel is from the Jersey area and works at TOGIT (The Only Game in Town.) We chatted a bit about our local stores, our testing, and our experiences playing magic before and inbetween games. I lost the die roll. Game one he managed to monstrous Polukranos for a lot before I was able to take over the game. Game 2 I was able to take over after some fortunate draws. Game 3 I was able to burn him out with a double Searing Blood on a Courser of Kruphix. This was a matchup I was hoping to avoid, and I was quite fortunate to be able to get it, especially since he maindecked 3 Nylea’s Disciples and sided another, none of which he saw in our 3 games.


Round 4: Ross Merriam with G/B Devotion:

I’m a big fan of Ross’s articles on StarCityGames, and I genuinely feel they helped me improve as a player. So I was happy to play against him; albeit nervous. It probably didn’t help that we were called to the feature match area! I won the die roll and he took a mulligan. I kept a fairly good hand and drew quite well, but I miscounted and thought I had him dead when I actually put him to a virtual 1 life (I held a Titan’s Strength instead of playing it). Oh well, I’ll get him next turn. Genesis Hydra for 5 into Doomwake Giant you say? Well, crap. Game 2 I kept a mediocre hand and got demolished by Doomwake Giant again. Turns out that card is good against a deck full of 1/1’s and 2/2’s. We chatted for a bit after the game and I also talked with the table judge, who was very nice.


Round 5: Micah Maben with Mono Black Aggro:

Micah is a kid from NYC . I lost the die roll. I was quite happy to see him lead with Swamp into Tormented Hero, since I was like 15-0 against this deck on Cockatrice. Game 1 I was able to excecute my baseline gameplan which is more powerful than the mono black aggro deck’s. Game 2 I took a mulligan and wasn’t able to stick a creature on the board. Game 3 I was just faster than him again, and I blew him out with a well timed Arc Lightning.


Round 6: Joseph Vazquez with Junk Midrange:

I knew I had seen Joseph’s name somewhere, and it turns out he is the co-owner of Get There Games on Staten Island. I won the die roll. Unfortunately for Joseph, he flooded out horribly game 1 and got land screwed game 2. Sorry dude.


Round 7: Charlie Rhinehart with BW Roc Midrange:

Another StarCityGames Open champion! I lost the die roll. Game 1 he had a turn 2 Nyx-Fleece Ram and was able to stall the game out long enough to land a Sorin, Solemn Visitor and a Wingmate Roc. On the car ride up, I was talking to my friend about whether Sorin’s +1 ability works on creatures that enter the battlefield after the ability activates. It turns out the judges also had some confusion. One of them ruled that it did work that way in an earlier round, and Charlie had been playing as such, but I asked a judge just to make sure, and it turns out that it doesn’t work that way. The head judge told Charlie that he understood that such a mistake was made. It didn’t really matter though, as I scooped up my cards shortly afterwards. Game 2 I topdecked a Rabblemaster right after he played Drown in Sorrow. Mise. Game 3 he played 2 Thoughtseizes, and he knew my hand was Monastery Swiftspear and Hammerhand. He left up open Bile Blight mana and I topdecked a Titan’s Strength to blow him out. I did, however, forget that my creature got -3-3 and I dealt Charlie 3 too many points of damage. If you’re reading this Charlie, sorry about that. I managed to win from there.


Round 8: David Beaudrie with Junk Midrange:

I won the die roll. Game 1 I missed a Swiftspear trigger which may have made the difference in the game. I think I missed like 10 triggers this tournament. Game 2 he plays Drown in Sorrow forgetting that I have Hall of Triumph in play and I beat him to death with Eidolon of the Great Revel and Goblin Rabblemaster. Game 3 he mulls to 5 and keeps a 1 lander and I win on turn 4.


Round 9: David Fulk with R/W Control:

I lost the die roll. David is from Virginia, and needed to get some testing in for the Pro Tour Honolulu. Uh oh… We start the game and he has a red white deck but isn’t playing creatures. Double uh oh… I try to play around Anger of the Gods and Elspeth as best I can, but he has 4 and 4 maindeck, and it turns out I have trouble beating those cards. If I could’ve designed my opponent’s deck to beat mine, this would be it. Game 2 doesn’t go much better. I also missed an Eidolon trigger that ended up not mattering. Did I mention I miss a lot of triggers?


I’m probably dead for top 8 here, but I can draw into top 32, which is still good for $100 and 4 open points (which I will probably never use). My opponent wants to play it out since he thinks he can make it.

Round 10: David Gross with Naya Midrange:

I lost the die roll. Game 1 he was able to stabilize with Ajani and kill me with a Fleecemane Lion. Game 2 I keep a hand with Akroan Crusader, 1 land, and 2 Titan’s Strengths. I deal 9 damage to him on turn 2, and my friend watching says he could’ve sworn I was playing Legacy RDW. He Angers me on turn 3 and then I play Rabblemaster and he scoops. THIS DECK IS SWEET!!! Game 3 I keep a much fairer hand and manage to burn him out before he gets enough land to blow up my board with Polukranos.

8-2. 9th Place.

9th Place is a tad bit disappointing, but still very good for my first Open. I obviously had to run well to get that result. All of my opponents were very nice as well, and It was great catching up with some friends from Rochester. Congrats to Mario Martinez on the top 8 and Kevin Jones on winning the whole thing!

– Ben Schoenbrun

– Red Deck Winning

2 thoughts on “Taking 9th Place at the StarCityGames Edison Open: Feature Article by Ben Schoenbrun

  1. Congratulations con your 9th placer i really like how well you went whit this deck, i’m playing a similar version of this deck and i would really really appreciate if you explain a little in sideboard decisions, thanks

  2. My board plan was usually cut the foundry street denizens for eidolons against any deck that you expect to be playing drown in sorrow or anger of the gods post board, since the foundry street denizens are terrible top decks and don’t do anything on an empty board. You also might want to cut some number of hammerhands and/or dragon mantles for hammer of purphoros and hall of triumph since your plan post board is to commit a few threats to the board at a time and make them deal with them so you don’t get blown out by Drown or Anger.

    Against other aggro decks, bring in your searing bloods and your magma sprays and your coordinated assaults and take out stoke the flames and firedrinker satyr since stoke is too slow and satyr hurts you. I like to bring in eidolons on the play, though they may also be correct on the draw. Cut dragon mantles and hammerhands as well if you need to since they are unreliable in this matchup.

    Unfortunately, I’m not sure how good this deck will be going forward, as seeker of the way is a HUGE issue for it. If you continue on with it, let me know what your results are. You can email me at bschoenb@stevens.edu if you have any other questions or if you want to talk your results.

    Hope this helps!

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