Thinking Differently With Red By Davis Merced

Thinking Differently With Red by Davis Merced

When one thinks of the color red in Modern most tend to think of Lightning Bolt and the bevy of powerful decks associated with this staple. Burn, Grixis, Jund, Jeskai, Zoo and UR Delver to name a few. The reason I enjoy this format is that on any given day any deck can win. Modern is the Wild West and much like Legacy it’s a format that rewards familiarity and experience. Understanding that we can start building decks that are off the beaten path.  Decks that have a plan and can execute said plan effectively.

The point I would like to get across is that there are alternative ways to winning with red. Not every red deck is the “Burn” or “RDW” deck. There’s so many directions one can take with the color of chaos. I’ve gotten the most out of magic by playing these types of oddball red decks to success. I’ve won tournaments, Top 8’s, Deck Techs all doing so by my marching to my own beat with red. If I can do it, anyone can do it. Let’s get to the good stuff now and boy do I have some juicy ones. I do believe these decks are competitive and have personally sleeved up some version of them in the past as well as plan to for future tournaments.


Scumbag Red by Davis Merced (Click for MTG Goldfish Visual View)

4 Rakdos Cackler
4 Vexing Devil
4 Goblin Guide
4 Foundry Street Denizen
2 Zurgo Bellstriker
3 Kird Ape
1 Kari Zev, Skyship Raider 
4 Goblin Bushwhacker
3 Reckless Bushwhacker

4 Lightning Bolt
4 Atarka’s Command
4 Mutagenic Growth

4 Copperline Gorge
4 Wooded Foothills
3 Bloodstained Mire 
3  Stomping Ground 
5 Mountain  

3 Searing Blood
1 Electrickery
1 Forked Bolt
2 Smash to Smithereens
4 Skullcrack
1 Grim Lavamancer
2 Eidolon of the Great Revel
1 Shrine of Burning Rage

Pure, unchecked aggression. At first glance the deck looks laughable but believe me it’s anything but. Each of these cards have had their time to shine in Standard but what happens to these devils, goblins and apes after rotation? They’re cast off to be forgotten, but we’re bringing them back for a rude awakening. We’re using the best red 2 powered 1 drops Modern has available. We’re aiming to deploy threats in the first 2 turns to set up a big Bushwhacker or Atarka’s Command on turn 3. Pretty simple, right? There is some play to the deck to take note of though.

Mutagenic Growth has a few functions for the deck. It’ll be used as a counter spell to save our creature from a bolt,  help our creature survive in combat or trade off with difficult threats like Tarmogoyf or simply as a shock to push damage.

The general consensus on Vexing Devil is that it’s “bad”. It may not have been the card it was hyped up to be in its Standard life and surely didn’t make waves in Legacy but I feel it’s perfect in Modern. I understand that giving your opponent the decision is never a good thing when it comes to the Punisher mechanic. One still needs to count to 20 to kill an opponent and this card does that though. With this deck we’re happy with either mode and we have ways to mitigate its “drawback”.

A common scenario with the card is that our opponent lets us keep our Devil only to Lightning Bolt it but they’re often left in a world of pain due to our free counterspell in Mutagenic Growth. Or they let us have the Devil because they have an answer for it the following turn but fortunately for us the Devil often brings along a bushwhacking friend granting him haste to swing for a pile of damage.
Atarka’s Command also functions as a pseudo Bushwhacker for the deck while additionally giving the deck some much needed reach to close games out.


We’re going on a history lesson for the next deck. Back at Worlds 2007, Patrick Chapin and Gabriel Nassif gave us one of the best matches in MTG coverage history. The Dragonstorm mirror.

Patrick vs Gabriel Video Coverage

Patrick Chapin’s Decklist

A few years later Secher_Bach 3-1’d a Modern Daily with a version of the Chapin build.

4 Burst Lightning
4 Lightning Bolt
4 Grapeshot
3 Rift Bolt
4 Pyretic Ritual
3 Pyromancer’s Swath  
4 Lotus Bloom
4 Dragonstorm

1 Thundermaw Hellkite
4 Bogardan Hellkite
1 Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund

4 Fungal Reaches
4 Molten Slagheap
4 Spinerock Knoll
12 Mountain

2 Ancient Grudge
2 Empty the Warrens
1 Koth of the Hammer
4 Leyline of Sanctity
3 Blood Moon
3 Pyroclasm

I saw the deck and fell in love. Red based combo deck in Modern! Sign me up! I actually piloted this deck to an x-3 record at a Grand Prix but to be fair I took the losses early and was able to battle back with the deck and still had a blast playing it. Here’s the changes I’ve made to bring the deck up to speed.

Dragonstorm by Davis Merced (Click for MTG Goldfish Visual View)

4 Forked Bolt  
4 Lightning Bolt
4 Grapeshot
4 Rift Bolt
4 Pyretic Ritual
2 Pyromancer’s Swath  
4 Lotus Bloom
4 Dragonstorm

1 Thundermaw Hellkite
4 Bogardan Hellkite
1 Dragonlord Kolaghan

4 Fungal Reaches
4 Molten Slagheap
4 Spinerock Knoll
12 Mountain

2 Ancient Grudge
2 Empty the Warrens
1 Koth of the Hammer
4 Leyline of Sanctity
3 Blood Moon
3 Anger of the Gods

The changes aren’t anything drastic, mainly some upgrades in certain slots. I want to get some reps with the deck before I make any big changes. Anger of the Gods wasn’t printed before but is a strict boost as a board wipe. Forked Bolt functions as a shock but gives the deck more game against Affinity and other decks with a lot of x/1’s. The swap of Dragonlord Kolaghan and Karrthus is a smidge easier on the mana if we ever enter plan C with the deck where casting dragons is the route to victory.  

For those unfamiliar with the deck, it has a few different ways to win the game.   Plan A is to cheat out Dragonstorm with Spinerock Knoll which can surprisingly happen on turn 3 or 4. Plan B is to play the traditional storm game and finishing our opponent off with Pyromancer’s Swath. Plan C is play board control with our removal and cast giant dragons.

So why even consider this deck in today’s game? With the recent Modern bannings the format has slowed down a bit. The problem I had with the deck before is that it was too slow for the format. It was typically a turn 4-6 deck which is a hard place to be when other decks are winning on turn 3. All-in-all I feel the deck has the legs to compete.

On to the next one.


Red Affinity by Davis Merced (Click for MTG Goldfish Visual View)

4 Bomat Courier
4 Ornithopter
2 Memnite
4 Vault Skirge
4 Signal Pest
4 Steel Overseer
4 Arcbound Ravager

4 Cranial Plating
4 Galvanic Blast
3 Shrapnel Blast
4 Springleaf Drum
4 Mox Opal

4 Darksteel Citadel
4 Blinkmoth Nexus
2 Contested War Zone
5 Mountain

1 Whipflare
2 Dismember
2 Ghirapur Aether Grid
3 Grafdigger’s Cage
3 Blood Moon
2 Wear // Tear
2 Etched Champion

Surprise! How can I include a deck that doesn’t play Lightning Bolt?! Easy, we get to play with Galvanic Blast and Shrapnel Blast. I’ve always had a soft spot for Red Affinity. Heck, even at the first, most busted Modern Pro Tour ever, there was a Red Affinity deck featuring  Atog and Fling in the Top 8! Bomat Courier has haste and draws cards, what’s not to like? I think the addition of Courier and the burn package helps steer this deck to be even more aggressive.

The deck is still capable of getting those busted Affinity starts with cards like Ravager, Overseer and Plating. We now have reach to close the game out. The sideboard is loaded with cards I love to play. I can’t believe I’ve gotten this far without mentioning my favorite card, Blood Moon. Blood Moon is fantastic in a deck that can accelerate it out early. Whipflare is a complete blowout against certain decks. Ghirapur Aether Grid is great against the decks that want to grind plus it’s a red enchantment that deals damage!

There are some other decks I didn’t get to today but there’s definitely some doozies in the wild that I may cover in the future. Thanks for reading and don’t be afraid to try new things.

As Always,

Keep Tapping Those Mountains,

– Red Deck Winning (Davis Merced)

3 thoughts on “Thinking Differently With Red By Davis Merced

  1. I’ve been playing the Dragonstorm deck on MTGO, really like it so far. What’s the purpose of Thundermaw Hellkite? Is it for when your opponent has fliers or creatures with reach?

  2. You should playtest with Glarewielder in the more creature heavy RDW builds. It gets lots of damage in when evoked by clearing a path for all your 1 drops.

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