These are articles that I’ve read over the years and drawn inspiration or knowledge from.  I hope they help you as well to better understand Red Deck Wins-

The History of Sligh (Dave Meddish – Wizards of the Coast)

Famous Red Decks in Magic’s History (Alex Shvartsman – Wizards of the Coast)

Winning the SCG Edison Open with Mono Red (Patrick Sullivan – StarCityGames)

Top 8ing the SCG Invitational with Mono Red (Patrick Sullivan – StarCityGames)

Playing Legacy Burn to 5th Place at the SCG Open L.A. (Patrick Sullivan – StarCityGames)

A Tournament Report – Success with Burn at the SCG Opens (Patrick Sullivan – StarCityGames)

Playing on a Budget with Mono Red (Kevin Crimin – Gathering Magic)

Recurring Nightmares – A History of Red (Adam Barnello – Channel Fireball)

Taking Down Indy With Mono Red (1st) (Dayv Doberne – StarCityGames)

Red Deck. . . Wins? (Darwin Kastle – Gathering Magic)

Mono-Red In RTR Block:  Moving To The Main Stage (John Agley – StarCityGames)

21 (Tom Ross – StarCityGames)

Frank Analysis – Vienna and Red Devotion (Frank Karsten – ChannelFireball)

Burning Down the Queen City (Patrick Sullivan – StarCityGames)

The Return of Boss Sligh (Tom Ross – StarCityGames)

Know Your Enemy (Tom Ross – StarCityGames)

Setting Modern on Fire with Burn (Raphael Levy – TCGPlayer)

Everything You Need To Know About Rabble Red (Tom Ross – StarCityGames)

Grabbing Platinum With Rabble Red At Pro Tour M15 (Raphael Levy – TCGPlayer)

Pro Tour Magic 2015 *Top 8* (Matt Sperling, Burn – Channel Fireball)

The Modern Burn Primer – Part 1 (Anthony Lowry – StarCityGames)

The Modern Burn Primer – Part 2 (Anthony Lowry – StarCityGames)

Why Red Is Simply The Best Color (Dan Paskins – Wizards of the Coast)

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